10 divorce reasons

10 divorce reasons

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Home Page > Law > 10 divorce reasons

10 divorce reasons

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Posted: Dec 13, 2010 |Comments: 0


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Divorce is not easy, particularly when children are involved. More often than not, one partner contests the divorce, and money issues can also be a stumbling block. Common reasons to divorce include:
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One partner lacks the commitment of the other, and they drift apart. One partner may find it hard to commit to one person, or may be unfaithful, causing mistrust and, eventually divorce.

A lack of communication is to blame for  many marriage breakdowns. If you are afraid to state your point of view, or if your partner disagrees with almost everything you say, it is difficult to carry on. You may feel undermined constantly or unable to express your true opinions for fear of upsetting your partner.

If you or your partner, or both of you suffer from addictions to alcohol, drugs or gambling, your marriage will suffer. This will cause arguments about where the money is being spent, and can also cause stress and frustration when your partner has to support you through rehab or treatment.

4.Physical and emotional abuse
If physical and/or emotional abuse takes place in a relationship, the victim will most likely suffer low self esteem and a lack of self confidence. It may be difficult to leave the marriage if one partner is controlling, but one thing is for sure – all trust will be gone. Emotional abuse can be as bad as physical abuse, and it is a major cause of depression.

5.Resolving arguments
You may find it difficult or nearly impossible to resolve arguments, which can result in irreconcilable differences being cited. If you argue more than you don´t, then you should either look at counselling or try to find other ways to resolve your issues without screaming at each other.

6.Changing your goals
If your goals have changed completely after marrying, this can cause major rifts in your marriage. You may want to push your career, open a business or put having kids on hold, while your partner may want a family sooner. When goals change, it can become a major cause of marriage breakdown.

7.High expectations

When one partner has too high expectations of another, this can cause problems. You may argue about one partner having changed, whereas it is actually you who has put your partner on a pedestal, and expected too much in the first place.

You may find that intellectual incompatibility causes arguments. The more intelligent person can become frustrated with their partner, where as the less intelligent partner is likely to become resentful and frustrated, resulting in low self esteem and confidence in social situations.

If one partner suffers from depression, it can be difficult to deal with for both spouses. Depression may hit your partner like a black cloud, but if you become frustrated, impatient and distant, you will only make matters worse.

10.Cultural differences
Cultural differences can lead to major problems in a marriage. What didn´t seem important when  you were dating, may suddenly become massive when you are married, particularly if one family is more conservative or orthodox than the other.

Divorce is not as complicated as it once was, and you don´t need to attend court to be granted a divorce, unless certain issues cannot be solved out of court. Seek information and advice from a regulated solicitor who has knowledge of divorce law and experience of dealing with divorce proceedings.

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Adrian vultur writes for Free Divorce Forms
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